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Your smart phone is subtly destroying your soul and you know it - Part 4

Your smart phone is subtly destroying your soul and you know it - Part 4
Photo by Armand Khoury / Unsplash

When I talk to people about making the switch to a flip phone, there's a real twinkle in their eye.

It's like the birth of a dream comes alive right then and there!

However, in just a matter of seconds you can see their face deflate. The realities of how integrated their life is with the smartphone clicks in and the idea of liberating themselves from it all seems like too tall of a task.

Here are 3 common problems I wrestled with when trying to ditch my smart phone:

  1. Need my phone for work/productivity
  2. Can't get around without maps!
  3. Need my checkin apps!

I find that it all boils down to one thing and that's remembering the underlying vision of this dream:  To break the cycle of dependency of your smart phone.

  • Need Slack for work? Use Slack on your desktop or tell people to just call you if they really need you.
  • Need maps to navigate? Map things ahead of time and write them down on paper.
  • Need to check in your kids when you drop them off at school? Get out of the car and manually sign them in at the office.
You'll always have some reason to not want to make the switch.

Sacrifices will need to be made. You're here to gain freedom from the smartphone eco system and the social media apps that accompany it. Remember?

You know you've tried everything: Uninstalling apps, going with a minimalist launcher, using a site and app blocker...

They all work to a certain degree, but the problem cuts too deep and you know it. It's like applying a little Tiger Balm (or Icy Hot) to a sore part of your body only to realize you're just masking a serious fracture underneath.

Next week I'll cover my actual setup. It should help if you're seriously considering the switch.